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Large Hard Off stores in Tokyo? 2010/11/1 03:49
Hi, Could you give me any tips on wich the top 3 or 5 Hard off stores is located ?

I have been in the one near KitaHachoiji station and a couple of smaller ones. I feel that there should be atleast 1 more store that get close to the size in Hachoiji...

by Johan A (guest)  

hmm 2010/11/2 21:02
I'm not sure if there are that many large stores, i've been to quite a few myself and have even made a google map for them, and you can see on the street views that most are quite small.

Even the one you mentioned has been scaled down massively over the last year.
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. 2010/11/4 06:29
I've shopped around a bit, and the Hachioji one is the biggest one I've been too. I used to live out there myself and enjoyed shopping there, however since I moved closer to Central Tokyo, it is a pain in the butt now!
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hard off 2010/11/4 22:28
Yeah I know, its hard becouse most of them is located so damn har from the stations so you dont want to take a shoot that it might be good, becouse you are wasting at least 3 hours to get to one =)

I was in a small one 2 stations from yokahama but it was very VERY small, but I managed to find a couple of nice items anyway =)
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worst thing 2010/11/5 21:09
The worst this about the "off" stores is that they like to change stuff around often.

Before my last trip i made a map of all the stores around tokyo, only to find a week later 2 had closed and one had changed to a off house!
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bad 2010/11/6 09:06
I also have found that many of the smaller ones in many cases have more games and are general quite much cheaper then the large one in kichoji...

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sale 2010/11/6 22:47
Another question I would love to get an answer for is if they ever have any sale of any kind at the hard offs?
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