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English Japanese electronic dictionary 2010/11/1 23:38
Does anyone know where I can buy a English
to Japanese dictionary IN JAPAN?

I'm really desperate for one.

I don't have a way to buy it from overseas
or a means to find it that way.

I always use my old one but the word or phrase comes up unknown and I have to use
my Japanese friends model but I can't read
the kanji. I need one with atleast kana readout.

Any ideas? anyone with an old one for sale in Kansai? You can sell it to me and use the money to upgrade?
by turtlemouth (guest)  

amazon 2010/11/2 14:25
Have you tried Amazon.co.jp?

Otherwise, a bookstore that sells foreign books would be a good place to look. And then there's always the iPhone or an Android phone. You can download JE dictionaries for free.
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itouch 2010/11/6 00:29
other option is buy an itouch and install one of the many many language softwares available.

my work mate has one with a japanese-english dictionary (but not eng-jap) and a kanji dictionary.

Look on the web for softwares that may fulfill your needings. if so, buy the itouch instead of a electronic dict.
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