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Harry Potter in Japan 2010/11/4 10:31
I can't believe I'm going to ask this but since I'll be in Japan from Nov 11 to Nov 22, I need to know. On Nov 19 Harry Potter starts in theatres here in Canada. When will it start in Kyoto or Tokyo and how will it be presented? English with kanji subtitles or Japanese dubbed? Where can I watch it in English in either of those 2 cities? I want to see it as soon as it is released, I'd rather not wait to see it so many days later in Canada.
by Grace (guest)  

27th of November 2010/11/4 16:27
Unfortunately for you it is released in Japan on 27th of November.
(source: imdb.com)

....however do not despair! occasionally there are some preview performances a week before the official release date especially with big films like HP. you need to contact local cinemas(depends where you are)

It will almost definitely be offered in two formats
1.original english with japanese subtitles
2.dubbed in japanese

then possibly 3D...(3D release was planned but has since been cancelled in UK but dunno about Japan)
3D + japanese subtitles or 3D + dubbed over in japanese.

A worrying trend in Japan is starting that 3D films are now more often dubbed rather than subtitles because people complain hanging words in the air interrupt from the visual spectacle of 3D.
I would argue than replacing the voices of actors is equally disruptive to the audio spectacle especially when the voice over actors are rubbish (which they often are!) and crucially have not been directed by the film director!
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Depends 2010/11/4 18:07
It also depends on the area, kind of movie and showtimes.

I heard they decided against 3D, because the conversion couldn't be made in time. So 3D should be out of question.

Harry Potter is a family movie, which means that many children also want to see it, smaller children don't like to read subtiltes, since sometimes it is hard for them, since they are still learning in school some higher level Kanjis. So there will be almost certian also showings in the dubbed version.

However, there will be for sure also showings in English language. From my experience, often the early showings on a day are dubbed, while most of the evening showings will be subbed.

Also in Tokyo there should be more showings in English. I live in Tokyo and never had problems to watch a movie in English language and I even watched Toy Story 3 in 3D here and most showings were subbed.
Good thing is here, that many japanese people want to watch the original version, although they don't understand the language, because the japanese dubs are most of the time just terrible.

So if you are able to catch a preview you should be fine.
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.... 2010/11/4 21:55
Thank you for your input! I have a good rapport with my hotel in Tokyo so I will have them check for a showtime in English prior to my departure, just in case they show a preview before the start date.
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19 Nov 2010/11/5 08:56
I've seen it advertised in trains, for a 19th November release date.

And shown on the Warner Mycal cinemas site:

19 (Fri)
wƒnƒŠ[₯ƒ|ƒbƒ^[‚ΖŽ€‚Μ”ι•σ PART‡Tx Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows [PART ‡T E]

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Reserve your Ticket 2010/11/5 15:04

As mentioned, ''Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow'' will start showing in theaters in Japan on November 19, 2010. The movie's official website says so. (Hmm, you can't trust IMDB anymore.)

The Harry Potter series are always released here in Japan on the very same date it is released worldwide. To be precise, due to the time lag of our planet, those in Japan get to see them even earlier than those in say the U.S. or UK.

The film is always shown either in English with Japanese subs or in Japanese overdubbs, so you should choose the right one when buying your ticket.

However, first dates for Harry Potter movies will be always extremely crowded. Make sure you RESERVE your date, time and seat before the date, otherwise you will end up not being able to see the film.

You can make reservations either at one of the cinema complex ticket counters or through the theaters' on-line reservation. Depending on the theater, you may need a credit card, and sometimes, a small handling fee. There are discounts depending on your status or the number of people watching together.

If you can tell us the area you will be in on the morning of the 19th, someone may be able to assist you on the details on the theater near you. For example, 28 theaters in Tokyo are showing it.
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.... 2010/11/5 22:11
Thanks, Uco! On November 19 I will still be in Kyoto. I am staying quite near the JR Kyoto station, just to the north of it, behind the tower. Where would be my nearest cinema that would show the english version (with subtitles)?
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The Chosen One 2010/11/7 01:43
Hi again.

There are 5 theaters in Kyoto showing the movie, and 2 of the nearest ones are about 2 miles north from Kyoto Station. They are Movix Kyoto and Toho Cinemas Nijo, and both are 0 to 12 minutes walking distance from two or three other train stations.

Prices are as usual, 1800 yen per adult. Discounts are available if you are a student (1500 yen), older than 60 (1000 yen), disabled (1000 yen) or a couple whose either of the spouse is over 50 (2000 yen per couple).

However, for this particular movie, advance tickets (mae-uri-ken) are already on sale for 1300 yen, and as a novelty for this ticket, you can choose a strap from one of the four designs.

Note that this advance ticket is not a reservation ticket. To comfirm your seat, you can either go directly to the theater in advance or you can reserve on-line. Credit cards are required for on-line reservation at either of the theaters, but no handling fee seems to be required.

I'm sure your seat can be comfirmed if you reserve as soon as you arrive to Japan. By that time, detailed schedules will be available. Hope it helps!
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... 2010/11/7 11:11
Thank you,Uco! I will see if my hotel can assist in the advance purchase. If not, and I can't get them myself, then it was fated that I wait until I return to Canada to watch it. But I'll definitely give it a shot! :)
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tickets reservation for cinemas 2010/11/14 22:02
i'm in tokyo during the release of the movie and am looking for websites that allow me to make movie ticket reservations. In particular either at the cinema in shibuya or roppongi. Anyone know if this is possible?
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Yes 2010/11/14 23:39
want to watch harry potter badly,

Yes, you can reserve your seat on-line at the TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills' website starting 2 days prior to show time. So for shows on the 19th, reservations start this Wednesday.

At the 2 theaters in Shibuya, you can reserve seats only by showing up at the ticketing counter.
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Further question... 2010/11/15 23:59
Sorry to add to the bandwagon of questions, but does anyone know if there are midnight showings of HP in Tokyo? I've been searching for awhile and can't find info, so any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Awesome thread!!! 2010/11/16 11:32
I'd just like to say this is a fantastic thread!!! You have all collectively answered my questions, and I thank you. Now I just want to know if any cinemas are still screening Enter The Void in Tokyo... hmmmm. Only 30 hours till I land in Narita!!!
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. 2010/11/17 00:55

All the theaters for Potter are shown on their official site. If none of those on the list aren't doing midnight shows, then that's it for now.


Twitter tells me that Enter the Void released in May was playing at some remote theaters up to September, but I don't think they're showing it any place at the moment.
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imax 2010/11/18 15:09
just booked 2 tickets to harry potter at the imax in kawasaki for the 19th (tomorrow)...thanks to the thread...sorry about the wrong info on imdb... on at all the major cinemas from tomorrow it seems!
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imdb corrected 2010/11/19 14:59
By the way, I sent a message to imdb requesting they should double-check, and they promptly corrected their data, as far as dates in Japan are concerned :)
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Harry Potter 2010/11/21 03:26
Just saw Harry Potter in Tokyo theater in Shinjuku!! It was awesome, had absolutely no problem getting in and got great seats. The subtitles were no problem. Hope you enjoy it!
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