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Japanese safety helmets 2010/11/4 13:17
I am researching safety helmets and I can't find any online sources for Japanese safety helmets. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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more info 2010/11/4 22:56
What exactly are you looking for? For example, online shops, safety specifications, or styles? And do you mean bicycle helmets or safety helmets in general? Do you read Japanese?
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if bicycle helmet 2010/11/5 10:33
I didn't think that Japanese widely used helmets for cycling! But I have seen an old guy wear a no-mask football helmet riding a tricycle (at 2 kmph).

What kind of info are your looking for?
Statistical: If you know Japanese, you could always ask the Traffic Safety arm of the local police station for references.
Market: Look up Japanese sports equipment houses and see their quarterly/annual reports for sales of helmets or cycling related sectors.
Shopping: Sports Authority and others will have them stocked. Also, there are many bicycle shops dotted throughout the city usually with a couple brands stocked.
Other: If it's just general info on helmet policies, you might want to ask your local ward office for relevant pamphlets in English (they should have some)
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clarification 2011/3/28 10:21
I am a safety officer for my company and we are looking for helmets with chin straps for our workers. We have been using rock climbing helmets but I always see images of Japanese workers wearing helmets that look like what we want.
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Many here 2011/3/28 17:04

You can find dozens of types of construction helments by searching that keyword in Japanese. The thing is that while most of them will allow you to attach straps on, it is mentioned only in Japanese and you cannot judge it just by looking at the photographs of the products.*%3AIE-Search...
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safty helmets 2011/3/28 17:34
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