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Can Iphone 3G be used in Japan 2010/11/4 15:28
Hi there,

Can a Iphone 3G be used in japan or does it require a different Sim?
by kaos123  

iphone 3g 2010/11/4 22:49
An iphone 3g will work in Japan. If you are a traveller then you can either roam internationally on your home plan or jailbreak your phone to unlock it and then use a rental sim available from the softbank kiosk at Narita airport.
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AT&T International Roaming 2010/11/4 23:34
I assume you have AT&T service since you have the iPhone. I used to work for AT&T customer a couple years ago, and the wireless plans did not automatically come with international roaming. You'll need to contact AT&T to add international roaming if you haven't added that to your plan before, and there may be some restrictions to adding it (like length of time you've had the wireless account). You can find info about the international roaming rates at
Voice rates for calls placed/received while in Japan are $2.29 per minute with standard International Roaming, and $1.69/minute with the optional $5.99/month AT&T World Traveler package.
Also, please note that you may not be able to place calls to countries other than Japan and the US while roaming in Japan.
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Australia 2010/11/4 23:36
My mistake. I see you're located in Australia, so you have a carrier other than AT&T. I would still suggest asking your carrier if you need to activate international roaming on your plan.
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... 2010/11/5 09:19
Just beware that international roaming gets very expensive quickly. See if your provider has some kind of package deal.
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Jailbreak and unlock 2010/11/5 12:17
Honestly unless your phone came factory unlocked (IE you can use it with any company) than you should Jailbreak and unlock your phone. International roaming is really expensive and a total rip-off compared to renting a local SIM card. JB and unlock is very easy to do, a quick google search will reveal much. Especially since you have the 3g (the older model) this process has almost no headaches.
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No problem but... 2010/11/6 04:24
Yep, I've used my iPhone in Japan, I'm from Oz on Optus, international roaming. My wife has a Razr, and it has trouble in Japan. Just be careful of data charges. Texts arent too bad, but if you check emails/browse the web you cop it extremely badly.
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iPhone data plan 2010/11/17 02:15
I've rented a phone from when I last visited Japan, however I now have an iPhone 3G, so was looking for someone who offered a rental with a data plan. I'm not sure if mobal do a data plan.

Has anyone any experience of this?
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