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Japanese zippo lighters 2010/11/5 13:47
i hope to be tralving to japan soon. i am a avid collector of zippo lighters. is there anyone that could advise me of some stores that carry them. Thank you
by Mike (guest)  

. 2010/11/7 17:30
do you mean Zippo lighters with Japanese designs? well, I've seen them near stalls with souvenirs. Don't ask me if they are 100% genuine, because I can't tell. Try to visit Asakusa, or Ueno's Ameyoko. I know also one souvenir store in Yokosuka. It's on the corner of Blue street and Dobuita st.
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Zippo 2010/11/8 03:35
You do know that Zippo is a US company do you? http://www.zippo.com/

Japanese distributor: http://www.ito-shoji.co.jp/zippo/
Ito Shoji Co., Ltd.
Oxford Building # 8-4, Kyobashi 2-Chome,
Chuo-Ku # Tokyo 104-0031Japan

# Phone: 813-3562-5811
# Fax: 813-3567-7563
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Tokyu Hands 2010/11/10 05:21
When I was in Tokyo I saw quite a few at Tokyu hands in Shinjuku.
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