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Old 10 cents japanese note 2010/11/6 18:33
I have a currency note of 10 cents of Government of Japan seems to be very old.its of an unknown period. what will be its value and to whom it can be given.
by Niranjan Naikwade (guest)  

Japanese invasion money 2010/11/7 04:06
Sounds like Japanese invasion money from the WWII period. It is probably collectable but there seem to be plenty of them around depending on what country they were issued in.
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banana money 2010/11/9 17:05
is it banana money...? loads of interesting japanese notes issued by the government crop up now and again, slightly embarrassing for japan as ww2 is mostly talked about in terms of victim status, most japanese have no idea money like that exists. Also japan now refuses to exchange it as currency despite the promise clearly printed on the bank notes.
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