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Gaijins who sing in Japanese 2010/11/8 18:51

I know about Monkey Majik, Jero and Def Tech.
I also recently discovered Man, a Swedish guy who raps in Japanese


I like their music and wonder if you know any more artist that I have yet do discover =)

Peace and love and all that!

by Marin P (guest)  

Here's one 2010/11/8 21:03
Leah Dizon? But I wonder if that is quite the kind of music you are looking for- standard J-pop, if you are interested.
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Thank you! 2010/11/8 22:47
Thank you! All though it wasn't quite what I had in mind, I must say that I liked it so thanks for that one! =)

What I have in mind is something like the song above or like this


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Foreign singers in Japanese 2010/11/9 04:03
Yuna Ito is a Japanese/Korean American from Hawaii who sings in Japanese. She was an actress in the movie Nana.

Hikaru Utada is Japanese American from NY who is very popular singer.

BoA is a South Korean singer who sings in Japanese, she might be more popular in Japan than Korea.

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Justin Nozuka 2010/11/9 11:24
Sorry its not what the OP asked but the reverse...
Justin Nozuka
He is Japanese and sings in English.
More famous in UK etc (not famous in Japan as far as I know?) never seen his music anywhere here...although he doesn't live here, maybe thats why.

He is a lot better singer than Utada who is not famous in the west despite her attempt and japanese media showing how "amazing" her english is so much so that native speakers cannot tell she is japanese, doh! its not a big deal, we know that race has nothing to do with language ability...ever heard of kazuo ishiguro?
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Cool! 2010/11/10 16:54
I dodn't know that, thanks. Interesting music I must say!

btw does anyone know where I can buy/find music by the artist Man?
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and 2010/11/10 19:17
Crystal Kay is another one- a Korean American who grew up in Japan.
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Kay is Cool 2010/11/11 19:01
I love here music and she does many colabs with rappers, Didn't know that she was foreign though =)
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