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Generic camera batteries in Akiba 2010/11/9 13:20
I'm off to Japan on Friday and the battery pack I ordered for my Camera from the US hasn't reached me yet. In that case, I may need to buy the extra battery in Akihabara.

Does anybody know if generic batteries for the Kodak Playsport is available in Akiba? The model is Kodak KLIC-7004 / Fuji Np-50 / Pentax DL-I68 Compatible Li-Ion Battery? How much would one cost?
by xtian001  

. 2010/11/9 18:11
Should not be a problem to find one, but I have found that batteries are not cheap in Japan. Yodobashi Camera have this at 4,200 Yen:


Bic Camera have this generic at 1,680 Yen:

You can probably find cheaper generic versions around Akihabara without too much trouble, but it might be cheaper buying in your own country.
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Thanks! 2010/11/9 21:08
Thanks RobBeer!

That helped me a lot!
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