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Good exotic pet shops in Tokyo 2010/11/10 23:09
Are there any shops selling iguanas, snakes, frogs and so on in Tokyo? Would love to check them out.
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search for "tokage", etc. 2010/11/11 11:39
Most large pet shops I've visited in TKYO have a lizard, reptile section. I can't remember which ones but if you go to google maps, center the map on tokyo (or a specific part of tokyo) and type in the same search box for "tokage" "kaeru" "hebi" and "pet", there should be some results listed.
Tokage - トカゲ, lizard
Kaeru - 蛙 or カエル, frog
Hebi - 蛇 or ヘビ, snake
Petto - ペット, pet
Yamori - ヤモリ,lizard
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