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Comiket cosplay crowd dissipate time 2010/11/15 16:24
I'll be going for this on Dec 29.. I know they queue overnight, but I'm actually going to photograph cosplayers. Does anyone know what time the crowd usually disappears? I know it gets dark quite early in December, but I was wondering what time the cosplayers usually start going off?
Reason being I'm planning my schedule and want to stay as long as I can but head off somewhere later while minimizing empty time when they might not be around anymore.
by Saus (guest)  

Will you share it? 2010/11/18 14:36
It will be awesome if you are going to share your photos with us.
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where is this event? 2010/11/18 15:20
where is this event? and we may be able to help you.
funny the way you talk about them like you are on safari and they are some elusive creatures hiding in the undergrowth...haha always thought photographers were slightly predatory characters...I once got pounced on by a photographer in tokyo...its the terminology too "do you mind if I shoot you?" ....err maybe, yes, when you put it like that.
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yep 2010/11/18 15:36
Odaiba, Tokyo Big Sight, 29-31 Dec 2010. I'll need to take good photos if I want to share them.
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. 2010/11/22 08:30
Comiket has some pretty strict rules in relation to photography. You can only photograph someone in the designated photography area. Last time I went, it was outside, so optimally you want to get shots before it becomes darker. So you can't go wrong with noon time etc.
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just go 2010/11/22 09:24
I have been there 2x made over 6000 photos from cosplayers.

I go at 12:00 or later.. because i make 3000 photos in 4 hours..lol

You don't have to pay anything to get in and there are often 2 place where you can make photos, make only photos where you are may ..

be nice to people and always ask if you can make a photos of them.

It is ofter very busy ... so dont walk around with a big back, go light..
I only take 2 cameras with lenses and a small bag.

these are from one year ago

so avoid the morning and go in the afternoon, it will be more easier to walk around

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