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halls for a seminar in Tokyo 2010/11/22 15:23
It would really help me if someone can help me find an INDIAN or VEG restaurant or a hall in TOKYO SHINJUKU area .. for a gathering of 50 people.
this is a corporate event and should be located in the heart of the town !
by pratik (guest)  

... 2010/11/22 15:48
Do you want a restaurant, or do you want just a hall for a seminar or something? Many halls do not allow any food to be brought in, if that is what you are thinking about.
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hall 2010/11/22 15:59
Well i need a hall basically, but food will also be provided to the guest. therefore i need a hall in any restaurant where they can provide their food in the hall also.

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hotel 2010/11/22 16:47
I do not think ordinary Indian restaurants in Shinjuku have hall to accomodation 50+ people.
How about contacting major hotels in Shinjuku?
They usually halls for 50-100 people (or even more) also they can cater meals.
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Maybe some place like this? 2010/11/22 17:04
I know of an Indian restaurant in Ginza, which you could book for like a few hours with their "party plan" - you need to call to ask for details.
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Sorry 2010/11/22 17:06
...I missed the point that you needed it in Shinjuku. (This restaurant has locations in Ginza, Minami-aoyama, and Ogikubo only.)
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Osaka ? 2010/11/22 18:49
Whatr about osaka .. are there any good indian restaurants in Osaka with the same details
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