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Useful Japanese phrases (for emergency)? 2010/11/22 18:13
Hi! I'll be going to Japan (Tokyo) for the first time ever this december. I'm super excited but I am kinda afraid there will be a communication problem. I am Japanese-illiterate currently and I'm assuming the people there don't speak much english.

So, is there any phrases that are used often or replies to questions that they ask? More importantly, ordering food or asking where is the bathroom. Any help is greatly appreciated! :D thx. (oh yes, my friend taught me romaji-pronunciations but I dont know how useful that is..)
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... 2010/11/22 23:18
(Some of these are series; you'll have to click from lesson to lesson.)

The above links are useful since they contain not only the text translations in romaji and kanji/kana but also audio files of each phrase, which is rather rare on pages like this. They are geared a bit toward someone just starting out learning the language rather than a traveler, though, so they won't teach you about the particulars of pronunciation, etc. I hate to say something as unimaginative as "a Berlitz tape for travelers might be a good starting point here," but there you go. (The program Living Language produces is a better introduction to Japanese but, again, geared more toward those who starting out in learning the whole language rather than travelers who need key phrases.)
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No worries 2010/11/23 01:04
Even if you don't have Japanese language skill, no worries as you are not the first person to travel without it. Often it is better not to say something in Japanese with strange accent. They may not understand you or reply in Japanese and YOU don't understand anyway.
There are English signs which are almost universal and understandable, i.e. toilet, exit, etc. Japanese are genuinely helpful & without exterior motives or hassling.
Ordering food has been discussed thousand times here or any other travel forums. Point a plastic window dish display or go to restaurants with English menus.

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