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Movie ticket discounts 2010/11/23 00:26
I was wondering if anyone knew if the Piccadilly theater in Umeda, Osaka offers a foreign student discount.

I know TOHO Cinemas offers the discount (it's 1000 yen by the way for people who don't know), and while I was googling around, I saw that the Piccadilly theater in Nagoya offered the same discount. However, it was on a separate site from the theater in Umeda (which I couldn't find a price list for), so I wasn't sure if it was safe to assume that the Umeda theater would have the discount as well.

Any help is appreciated!
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. 2010/11/23 10:59
There are discount ticket sellers all over Osaka. You can buy movie, train, and bus tickets for a discount.
I remember one being close to the Midosuji subway entrance in Umeda across from Hanshin store I think. (It has been awhile since I was there)
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... 2010/11/23 11:57
Picadilly Nagoya has the "ryugakusei (foreign student) price" of 1,000 yen with ID listed on their website as well.

Picadilly in Umeda, Osaka, does not have that price listed - apparently they are run by different companies, or Nagoya provides special discounts considering the number of foreign students there.
Here you might have to pay the university students price (1,500 yen with student ID).
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