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is there any samurai school or village? 2010/11/30 10:06
i want to learn a martial art but in japan .
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just join a club 2010/11/30 12:55
Dojo's, university clubs, circles, interest groups are all over Japan and all you need to do is approach them with interest, membership fee.

There's no lack of martial arts experts/students in Japan, but you'd be wasting you time looking for a "samurai school" or "samurai village" -- but there's some ninja villages that are just remakes of Edo-era towns with stuff for kids. This isn't the 1800's and the class of samurai was abolished during the revolution.
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. 2010/12/1 11:58
I saw a class in Tokyo that taught Samurai movie sword fighting. I want to go to it next time I am there.
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