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Strawberry Picking 2010/12/1 21:39
Hi, I read about this strawberry picking tour combined with Mt Fuji from Club Tourism Yokoso. But I do not really like the idea of following the tour because they are allocating 30mins to the strawberry picking tour which is very rushy and only 70mins at Mt Fuji (Including Lunch).

Therefore, could anyone furnish me on more information about strawberry picking, I would like to dedicate more time into it.
by samsherlyn  

... 2010/12/2 11:05
There have been many questions about this issue, such as the following:
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- - - - - 2010/12/3 02:09
I've read that strawberry picking in the Shizuoka coastal area is good, but I don't know when they're at their best.
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. 2010/12/3 02:40
Strawberry picking in Kisarazu, Chiba starting late January.
If you go to Fukuoka, Kyushu in Sept. Oct. time frame, you can pick humongous Kyoho grapes, the size of a quarter. It is my favorite grape variety.
by amazinga (guest) rate this post as useful

... 2010/12/3 02:53
I will be there in mid jan only and i have found out about this place Kawatsura Farm.

Is it recommended that I go on my own or should I follow a tour actually cuz it will be just 2 people. The tour only has 30 mins dedicated to strawberry picking and eating which I am not very sure if there is enough time as well.

Is there a bus to the farm instead of a cab?
by samsherlyn rate this post as useful

how about in saitama? 2011/5/4 07:40
How about recommended strawberry farms in Saitama?

Preferably those that can be walked from nearby train stations like Seibu-Chichibu line

by Andy (guest) rate this post as useful

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