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Can you identify this kamon? 2010/12/3 04:33
My host family gave me a beautiful pilgrimage robe with the Nembutsu on the back. I can't identify the kamon on the robe however. Does anyone recognize kamon #39 in this list? I believe the seal is from the Nagoya area but I can't find the name of it.

Thank you very much!
by Jay (guest)  

? 2010/12/3 16:01
Name of the kamon itself? or the name of the family that uses the kamon?

I'm not an expert but I think it's called "ւɗ" or the "Standing Hollyhock in a Ring" which is similar to Tokugawa's hollyhock.

Who's used it? Not sure, but I guess not too many people did after Tokugawa became the shogun -- he banned use of the hollyhock outside of the Tokugawa family.

Tokugawa hailed from Mikawa which is close to Nagoya so you may be right about that part.
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Looks like Tokugawa 2010/12/3 23:44
I can't see it so clearly, but isI think it Tokugawa's family crest?
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- - - - - 2010/12/4 01:21
It certainly looks like hollyhock, but it doesn't resemble the Tokugawa crest. I thought that Ieyasu came from the Suruga area.
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Maru ni Tachi-Aoi 2010/12/6 22:53
It looks similar to the kamon of Honda Family, a historical liege of Tokugawa Shogunate.
I don't know whether the presence of circle indicates a difference or just a variation. The bottomline is that the family who own it was connected with Tokugawa Shogunate because of Aoi, but not necessarily with a kinship.
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Thanks for the help 2010/12/7 10:03
Thanks guys, it certainly does look like the kamon for the Honda clan doesn't it? Considering the fact that the Honda clan settled near Nagoya, where I lived with my host family, that is proof enough for me. Thanks for helping me solve the mystery
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