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Food trail in Hokkaido 2010/12/3 10:55

i need some advise.

I want to organize a food trail in Hokkaido. I understand there are many delicious food, farm food like potaotoes, sweet corn, etc but anything on fruits like strawberry? are these food all year round? I would like to also visit the cheese, dairy factory while i am there.

which is a better time to go to Hokkaido to see sunflowers?

I am torn between going in winter or in Summer.

Your advise is greatly appreciated.


by Theoean  

harvest times in Hokkaido 2010/12/5 17:42
strawberries June - July10th

sweet corns in August

sunflowers are most beautiful July 20th-
August 20th

potatoes September Octover
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food trail in Hokkaido 2010/12/6 17:28
thanks for your infor..appreciate..

now i am seeing how to plan and hope to see what i can see during the period. most likely i will go during septemberor maybe late august

if anyone can offer me more infor as to what to see and do during august september, pls do advise me..i am thinking 10 days or so to explore hokkaido..


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Beer! 2011/3/24 19:04
Not sure if you have thought about this but there is alo some good beer to be had in Hokkaido - Obviously there is Sapporo where you can go on a tour and visit the bar and try many types, but also there is a beer hall where you try the the 'Gengis Khan' style BBQ - where you can cook lamb and vegetables on a hot plate at your table. At the brewery you can eat and drink as much as you like for a set price.

In Abashiri to the north their is a small independant brewery that does a selection of strangely coloured beers, the brewery also has a yakiniku restuarant.

I would definately recommend trying the crab and dairy in Hokkaido too!
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