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kose kitohon probability 2010/12/6 02:23
i just wanna ask if when i got registered in my fathers kosekitohon, will i get the MISSED government support since when i was born?. i mean am already 19 years old, and currently registering in my fathers kosekitohon.

mom and dad are married since i was born, but didnt had a chance to register me in my fathers kosekitohon coz he had to work in other country, i mean "seperate ways" with us. we lived in the philippines. i just want to know, will i get the government financial support?. like from the day i was born till 15 years old?. i mean there are rules that japanese government will give financial support to japanese kids like from birth till 15 years old. the problem is, am not in my fathers kosekitohon in that age, and when i got registered, can i get the since birth to my 15 years old financial support from the government?.

i really really need answers and guide, thank you so much in advance.
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. 2010/12/6 11:25
You mean the child allowance? That's only for children living in Japan. Since you weren't living here you wouldn't have gotten it even if you were Japanese.
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resident in Japan 2010/12/6 14:22
The financial support is for children legally residing in Japan, regardless of their nationality as far as I know.

As above, you were not in Japan for your first 15 years, so you are not eligible in any way for that money- I'm afraid there will be no windfall coming to you from the Japanese government.
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Child allowance 2010/12/6 14:35
Unless the rules have changed, isn't the allowance for the children of parents living in Japan, regardless of where the children are currently living? Hence foreigners living in Japan can claim on behalf of their children back in their home country, but Japanese citizens living/working abroad can't claim on behalf of their children left in Japan.
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... 2010/12/6 16:01
Dave is correct about residence requirements.

However, since you are over 18 already and have not been on on his registry, there are multiple deadlines you have missed that make you thus ineligible.

Even if not the case you'd need to provide 20 years of salary and tax records for your father and a host of other documents. But regardless, you're definitely ineligible. Sorry.
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. 2010/12/6 16:15
I was wrong about it. Dave is right, children living overseas are eligible for the allowance if the parent lives in Japan and he can show that he's paying child support.

If your father can prove that he was paying child support from 20 years back then maybe there's a small chance that he can still get something. But it's your father who's going to get paid so he needs to ask the city hall if he wants it.
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. 2010/12/6 21:19
The latest child allowance/kodomo teate (children whose parent(s) living in Japan are eligible) started only this year in April.
So there's no "missed" payment for the OP who seems to have been living outside Japan and is already 19 years old now.
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Don't worry 2010/12/6 22:24

The last poster is right. My son is almost 19, he has been living in Japan all his life, and his parents are Japanese, and none of us have had any specific financial support from the Japanese government up to this day and will not in the future either. All he got was free education which ended 4 years ago. So don't worry. You're not missing out on anything.
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