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Stuff at Tokyu Hands 2010/12/6 18:33
Just wondering if Tokyu Hands sell the iRobot Roomba? What model is it and how much now. Can anyone who happen to be in the vicinity of a Tokyu Hand store check it out?

by Choosan  

. 2010/12/7 18:34
What they sell greatly differs depending on what branch they are. Give your favorite branch a call. They're always helpful and prompt to inquiries by phones.

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Roomba 2010/12/8 14:53
I saw it as the Shinjuku branch.
I cannot check it out as I am nowhere near that area. Can someone check ?
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. 2010/12/8 23:57

I don't get it. Haven't you got a phone, honey? You do seem to have a computer.


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