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Japanese swords 2010/12/13 22:25
Plan on being in Japan by the end of March 2011,,,VERY interested in seeing the whole country and purchasing a Japanese sword,,can the sword return with me to Wyoming in the United States
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swwords 2010/12/14 11:17
I thought it was illegal to take Japanese swords out of the country (personal)...
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. 2010/12/14 11:19
A real Katana sword will cost you a minimum of $3000 or more. The stuff sold for less is made in China most likely. Plus, you have to have the sword shipped to America by Sea mail (now it is a new policy for the post office) since it weighs more than a pound and that could take up to 2 months to arrive (if it does). You are not allowed to carry a sword in Japan even wrapped to take home. I suggest you buy some other souvenir unless you are rich.
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swords 2010/12/14 13:02
Besides the legality of taking it outside the country, a true Japanese sword would cost lots and lots. They aren't something that you buy in a corner store.
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mogitou 2010/12/14 14:31
you can get a mogitou/fake sword/iaitou for around 30,000-50,000yen at martial arts supplies stores. when you leave the country they may subject it to a magnet check at baggage inspection. they get martial artists frequently enough that they'll expect it.

won't even address real swords.
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