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Chinese cookware 2010/12/14 17:10

I am living in Narita. I would like to buy a Chinese Wok with wooden handle. I checked in Aeon mall Narita, but its not there. I am new to Japan and have no idea about where to buy ? so please help me. Really looking forward for an answer...

Thank you..
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. 2010/12/14 19:10
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try Chinatown 2010/12/19 05:59
Try hardware shops in Chinatown -be prepared to walk around as prices vary. Preferred NOT non- stick version for Asian cuisine. When fire ring temperature is too high, as it should be in stir-fry to seal the tastes, the chemistry changes in non stick cookware adds a chemical flavor to the dish--not recommended--and sears an unsightly brown ring on the non stick wok over time.

If you are looking for quality to use long term, prepare to pay a high price for small details. Wok weight and lid seal are priorities. In Chinatown shops/stores you will be able to find the stove ring -essential tool to keep wok steady. In departmental stores, stove ring for woks are items seldom available.

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