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Where to find best fake food in Tokyo? 2010/12/15 17:45
I know there are some shops near asakusa selling fake sushi, but are there shops selling other realistic non-sushi food items, like fruits, vegetables, etc for displays?
by Saus (guest)  

Plastic food samples 2010/12/15 20:44
Kappabashi is probably the place you want to head for...

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fake food 2010/12/16 04:57
They are quite expensive by the way..
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.. 2010/12/16 10:39
Good quality fake foods are quite expensive but they last a long time without losing color or texture. Kappabashi is the place to go if you want the best.

Cheap stuff you get at Asakusa or the airport aren't any good. They are not even made in Japan. You get what you pay for, usually.
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yes..another venue 2010/12/19 06:04
Most fake fruits/vegs originated from China
Many realistic selections are available in China town stores/shops, likely cheaper.
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