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Want to go January Sumo Tournament 2010/12/16 19:01
Hi guys, I am thinking to go to Ryogoku in January for a day to see the sumo tournament. Now I wonder, will it be necessary to make reservations/ buy tickets online for this? If so, how long in advance should I make them. I will be in Japan from Dec. 29th, is it soon enough? Otherwise, is there an internet site when tickets can be bought?

Also I am wondering about the regular price for a ticket. I don't need any special seat. Just cheap places will do fine.

Finally, I might be going there by myself since my girlfriend is occupied with work by this time. Is in fun to go there alone? Is it easy to start chatting with other spectators?
by Dutchman1 (guest)  

Status 2010/12/17 12:37
http://ent-sumo.pia.jp/en/vacant/va01.php (English)

The link contains a table showing the current status of ticket sales.

The retirement of Asashoryu and the gambling scandal left ticket sales in the gutter but as somewhat expected January tournament tickets seem to be selling well.

All ticket questions can be answered via the above links.

As for chatting with spectators, that depends on you and the people around you. Start a conversation and see what happens!
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alright 2010/12/20 03:32
Thanks for the reply! The cheap tickets can only be bought at Ryogoku on the day of tournament itself. So if I get there in time I guess there will be no problem. This will be fun :)
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on the day?? 2010/12/27 12:08
Towards the end of the tournament (not the last 2 days) what time would you need to be at the ticket office the obtain General Admission seats for that day?
We would like to start viewing around 3pm ish: should we make the effort to be there at 8am to obtain seats?
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... 2010/12/27 16:36
General Admission seats practically never sell out on regular weekdays (but they can on weekends and national holidays). On regular weekdays you should be able to buy them just when you arrive at the stadium at 3pm.
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Thanks Uji 2010/12/27 20:40
Thanks again Uji. We are looking forward to attending a sumo day even though its not until 2012!!!!
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