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is it hard to find halal food in japan? 2010/12/18 00:59
is it hard to find halal food in japan?
by nur amalini (guest)  

generally 2010/12/18 09:17
As a resident its not too difficult as there are various specialty markets and online shops that sell halal food.

As a traveller I suppose it would be more difficult as you would be looking specifically for halal restaurants. Do a search of the forums though as this has been discussed before.
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can be done, needs effort 2010/12/18 11:04
Pork / bacon find there way into lots of things that are vegetarian.

Indian restaurants do vegetarian, though not necessarily halal.

The kebab places in Akihabara, Okachimachi etc are all halal.

I would say it can be done, but takes effort. There is a lot of fish - but do take care with soup stocks.
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Where are you going? 2010/12/19 23:52
Is this question in regards for future travel or are you planning to relocate to Japan soon? As residents - it is much easier to get halal raw food such as halal chicken and beef and other materials once you know where to find them. There is one shop at Ueno - near the Ameyoko Market or you could get it from online stores. There are also halal restaurants in tokyo but hard to find because tokyo is simply too big. The ones that I am familiar with near inaricho station and also at akihabara. Both indian food though. I also eat at tenya (tempura food chain store) because it only serve tempura (rice with fried seafod and vegetables) I also eat at soba shops although i make sure that they only used fish stock for the soup. Sushi Kaiten also a good place although I notice that some of the more modern kaiten shop have menu of meat. However if you go to smaller towns or cities it would be more difficult.
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halal restaurant... 2010/12/21 01:09
i found one halal restaurant, it is in Ikebukuro...the name is Malaychan Restaurant....

hope u will find it ;-)
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try check this 2010/12/21 01:38
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Short Trip To Japan. 2011/1/25 20:07

I'll be in Japan, this march. I am a Muslim so i'm hoping someone could suggest me some halal place to eat in Tokyo/Hakone/Kyoto/Osaka.

I hope anyone wouldn't mind providing me with cautions of what i could eat or couldn't.

There's this place called Asian Palm in Kagurazaka. I'm wondering if the food they served are Halal food. Though it says they offer Indonesian, Singapore food but that won't necessarily guarantee that their food are halal..

Any sort of help, is appreciated.

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Re: is it hard to find halal food in japan? 2011/12/1 01:49
It's not very hard to find halal food in Tokyo but it's quite difficult in the outskirts, Siddique Restaurant at Nihonbashi is nice, There's Khazana at Queen's East and Al-Ain at Ohdori-Koen, you can find out about full address and opening hours at

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Re: is it hard to find halal food in japan? 2012/5/25 23:56
we found a restaurant in shibuya that had halal meat as the chef is a japanese muslim guy.
its a bit difficult to find the place. the name of the restaurant is gyumon yakiniku restaurant. you could call them for further direction. but i think its around namihabashi junction. behind the soba and curry restaurant.
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Re: is it hard to find halal food in japan? 2013/10/2 10:51
Available at 業務スーパー(Gyomu-supermarket)

They also have nice selection of food at very reaonable price.

Unlike Costoco, you don't need to become member, worth checking!!

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Re: is it hard to find halal food in japan? 2013/10/2 16:15
If you can relax your standards to simply be no pork, it will be easy.

Otherwise it will take a very conscious effort.

When in Rome...
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