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Proxy Servers 2010/12/18 05:28
My wife is from Chiba prefecture and we currently live in the los Angeles, Ca. I have been trying to access some of the Japanese DVD rental and TV programing via use of a proxy server but have had no luck.

Basically what we are looking for are movies with Japanese subtitles.

Anyone know how to set up a proxy server which will help or any other idea as to where to get movies or other programming with Japnese subs?

Thanks in advance.
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Proxy? 2010/12/18 12:16
Sorry, just wondering how a proxy would fit in with watching Japanese programming? I'm not familiar with any Netflix type services in Japan. Just to confirm, your wife is hoping to catch Japanese TV programming, not Japanese subtitles right?

If that's the case, you can often find Japanese programming if you search a particular show's name and 動画 (douga).

For example, a ガキの使い 動画 search on Google will bring you video sites that have these online.
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Japanese programming 2010/12/19 01:15
Here are two solutions for getting Japanese programming (actual feeds from Japanese tv).

As for a proxy server, you need one located in Japan and they don't always work properly for handling streaming media. A VPN would work much better, but I have no idea where you would get access to a VPN in Japan.
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streaming Japanese Media 2010/12/19 09:05
It sounds like the OP is looking at legitimate media streaming services that are available in Japan (internet tv, or Tsutaya's streaming service for example).

I've tried to do a similar thing watching US media in Japan, and proxy servers will work if you can find one located in Japan. Also, a paid service is likely to be more reliable and less likely to be blocked by the streaming companies. I can't recommend anything at the moment haven't had the need to look before, but I'll try to look into it as this is a project that I need to do in the future anyway.

Also, another method would be to set up a VPN as snooch recommended. I was considering setting up a computer solely to serve the Japan side of a personal VPN, but the cost/benefit is too high for me for at the moment.
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Thanks for the info! 2010/12/19 14:00
We are looking to watch streaming video, on-line rentals, TV. I was hoping to try a free server to test before purchasing a premium proxy. All of the ones I have tried do not work, so if anybody finds a working one please share.

Anyone have a premium proxy they have tried or would recommend, that will also be appreciated.

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