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medications/beauty stuff in sapporo 2010/12/20 23:23
as above

Me need to get some sore throat medications (any recommendations? ) and some fancl products in bulks ..

Need recommendations to get to the shop which sells the cheapest or give the best discount.

thanks !
by droozy  

. 2010/12/21 19:04
There is a lot of competition between drug stores in major cities in Japan, it is not really possible to say that one is overall cheaper than another. It may be that one is cheaper on one brand but more expensive on another. You should be able to find several different stores in major shopping areas where you can compare best prices.
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.. 2010/12/21 23:24
i mean in Sapporo city only.. is there alot of competition as well ??

Any recommendation on sore throat medication ?

thanks !
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. 2010/12/22 03:39
Sapporo is a major city, so, yes there is competition.

As for something for a sore throat, I can't really help you. I seem to remember getting some green coloured spray years ago, but I don't remember the name. I would ask at a pharmacy, the pharmasist should be able to help.
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