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Is it legal to bring Poppy Seeds? 2010/12/21 08:40
Does anyone know if it's possible to bring Poppy Seeds from India to Tokyo? I know in Singapore is illegal for Poppy Seeds. How about Japan?
by mochisakura  

. 2010/12/21 10:43
What kind of poppies? If it's the opium poppy. It's illegal.
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Poppy seeds 2010/12/21 12:42
I'm no lawyer, but my understanding is that all kinds of poppy seeds are OK in Japan. It only becomes illegal if you actually try to plant or grow opium poppies.
Again, don't quote me on this, but I believe the same applies to hemp/cannabis seeds.
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. 2010/12/21 14:03
They are pretty serious re importing plants, seeds included.

I doubt you can bring in cannabis seeds or opium poppy seeds.
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Commonly sold and imported 2010/12/22 11:34
Poppy seeds are commonly sold at department stores and major supermarkets in Japan as table spice. We call them "keshi no mi" and I have a tiny bottle at home with a label that says "Poppy Seed" in English. The back label tells me in Japanese that it's a product of India, so technically speaking they were legally imported from abroad.

It's poppy seeds that can sprout that is illegal. If it's prepared so that it would never sprout, that's fine. Same goes with cannabis. Non-sprouting cannabis seeds are always included on your everyday table "shichimi" spices you see at soba restaurants.

Anyway, all you have to do is to confirm at your Japanese Embassy by explaining what sort of poppy seeds you want to bring to Japan.
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seeds 2010/12/23 16:28
Had juniper berries confiscated and was told by customs that it was illegal to bring seeds of any kind to Japan!
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poppy seeds for cooking 2010/12/31 00:47
Thank u all for your replies. I need it for cooking. I will check out the supermarket nearby for table spice section - Thanks so much Uco for the japanese name, this helps!
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found it! 2011/2/16 01:59
finally today i found the poppy seed in one of the asian grocery shop, yata! :))
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