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buy sakura online 2010/12/22 17:27
i would like to buy a sakura flower. but i'm not in a condition to visit japan for that. is there any service available for buying flowers online? will it be shipped to me in perfect condition?
thank you..
by ricky (guest)  

sakura 2010/12/24 13:47
Forgive me in advance if this is a dumb reply, but I assume you mean a cherry blossom, those quarter-sized flowers that wither quicker than they bloom?

Those don't normally start blooming until spring time and I've never heard of anyone "buying" one since you can just pick them up off the ground or collect from a park. Do you mean silk (fake) sakura flowers?

Even if (real) sakura could be bought/shipped, I doubt they'd last long without some kind of preservative treatment.

If you have cherry blossom trees where you are at, that's more or less the same. The white blossoms are said to be cherry plum blossoms and the more pinkish blossoms are the sakura Japanese enjoy watching and partying under around April.
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sakura 2010/12/24 14:46
thank you jmarkley, for the reply.
i meant the sakura which japanese watch.. we dont hav those in our place.. thats why i need them to be shipped to my place..
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... 2010/12/24 15:30
This might turn into a dumb answer too, but are you talking about just the flowers/blossoms, or do you want a plant (a tree)?

Sakura (cherry) are trees, and they are not sold as cut flowers like you could with tulips or roses.
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Sakura 2010/12/24 18:47
O ooo... that wud be a problem... Actually i just needed a bunch.. I didn knew it wasnt sold so.. can i buy a whole plant? probably a small plant..!! is it possible?

thank yu for the reply AK..
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garden centre 2010/12/25 03:20
You're local garden centre will sell different type of sakura trees that you can plant in your garden and you can organize your own hanami party next spring.
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... 2011/1/13 11:31
The previous response is correct. Most garden centres would sell cherry blossom trees. They are not small plants though. They are actual large trees, not a potted plant.
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miniature/bonsai 2011/1/13 12:06
You can buy miniature/bonsai cherry trees that are essentially small potted plants. They flower just like their larger counterparts, and I've seen them for sale around cherry blossom season. Not sure if they are available in your area though.
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Sakura 2011/1/13 12:23
Thank you for the info yllwsmrf.. And you are right.. it is not available in my region. that is why i want to make a purchase of it online.
it wud be of great help if anybody could direct me to a site or provide address of such a shop.
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