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Kimono Rental & Stationary Shop 2010/12/29 12:11

Can anyone recommend shops for the following?
Anywhere that is easy access within Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, Hirosaki, Sapporo.

Kimono Rental
- With nice selection of pattern & provide hairstyling service.
- Allowed to walk around to the old streets/shrine nearby. I want to get some photo outside :D
- Budget: Around 10,000

Stationary/ Book Shop
- With wide selection of Design/ Architectural Books & Magazine.
- Also Drawing Tools for Designer.

Music Street
- Where exactly is the Music Street in Tokyo?
- Need to find some Music Sheets books :)

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itoya 2010/12/29 15:49
Itoya in Ginza is stationary heaven, but I'm not sure if it has all you seek. Cant help with others
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language of books? 2010/12/29 16:39
You will need to go to different shops for the stationery and books. I'm assuming you're after English books? If so, then Kinokuniya and Maruzen carry English books, but don't expect a wide range on any specialist topics.

Tokyu Hands may have some of the tools you are after.
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English~ 2010/12/29 17:36
"Kinokuniya and Maruzen" are these the BookStore name?

Yup, preferred if in English ^____^

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Kyoto Recommendations 2010/12/29 22:48
Kimono Rental
I would recommend Sensho-Kitamura (http://www.sensho-kitamura.jp/info/english.html), the lady who works there is really nice and helpful and they have a beautiful selection. They're also right next to Gion, so while there aren't tons of old shrines, there's Yatsuhashi and Kiyomizu Temple pretty close by :)

Stationary/ Book Shop
Definitely Lofts (Mina Kyoto building) in Kawaramachi, they just have floors and floors of glorious stuff (entire floor for Stationary and it definitely has some designing stuff there). As for books, do you mean English design books?

Jeugia in Kawaramachi sells some music sheet books :)
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shops 2010/12/30 10:54
Yes, Kinokuniya and Maruzen are bookshops which carry English books. The Kinokuniya next to Takashimaya Times Square near the South Exit of Shinjuku station has the biggest English book selection that I know of in Tokyo, but because this is Japan and your topic is quite specific, there won't really be that wide a selection of English books for you I'm afraid.

I wouldn't really expect to find much in the way of design tools at Loft, their stationery is more the pens and paperclips type, but you might be lucky. Tokyu Hands has more technical stuff- there is one in the same Takashimaya Times Square building in Shinjuku.
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