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buy camera in japan 2010/12/31 22:30
Just curious why I should buy camera in Japan? instead in my home country, is it the quality of the camera, limited for japanese people only, not available to my country or its just a remembrance that you visit Japan I like film camera as well digital camera thank you
by fpbal  

... 2011/1/1 08:50
You named most of the possible reasons. Depending on where you are coming from, price might be another reason. Or possibly the earlier availability of a specific model.
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Come prepared 2011/1/1 17:03
Make sure you know the make, model numbers and prices back home of the cameras and lenses you consider buying so you can compare. Especially when you consider buying a kit, know which lens is better; a F/2.8 lens is preferable to an F/3.5-4 lens in most cases, etc.
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.... 2011/1/1 18:57
I do not know if you visit Japan often. If not you most likely want to make sure that you can take good pictures even if you do not succeed to buy a camera in Japan so i hope that you bring a good camera to Japan to begin with.
Bringing a camera from your homecountry also has the benefit that you can practise to work with the camera. (You would not like it if you have a ones-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity that you do not know how to use the camera.)
Keep in mind that for most camera's in Japan the warranty is only good for Japan. You also need to make sure that the language of the menu can be switched to a language you can handle. The users manual is most of the time only in Japanese. However quite often (if you have a model that is also for sale outside of Japan) you van find a manual on the internet in English.
I found the prices in Japan not realy competive compared to my home country unless you find a bargain or sales offer. But chances are slim if you are looking for a specific model. If you are more looking for a broad type of camera you might have luck to find a bargain.
To get an idea of prices in Japan before your trip you might look at the prices of Japanese internet sites of (internet) big stores (www.rakuten.jp, www.bic.com, www.yodobashi.com, etc).
Have a nice trip with taken a lot of nice pictures.
B. Slager
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anoteh 'my 5 pence' 2011/1/1 19:01
Look at this article (have not read it myself):
B. Slager
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link 2011/1/4 19:12
Typically people buy their cameras in Japan because the price is better than their home country, or because a particular model is only available in Japan.

But be aware that that photo.net article is way out of date with its prices and advice as a lot has changed in the 14 years since it was written. With today's exchange rates, the prices are less favorable than they used to be (depending on your home country of course), especially with the major, high volume brands. Figure out what you want ahead of time and compare prices on the internet so you have an idea of what to expect. http://www.kakaku.com or http://shopping.google.co.jp are a good places to start as they index the listed prices at small dealers and at big box stores.
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tax ! 2011/1/4 23:02
Depending on your home country, take
in consideration that you have to pay an extra
tax for import after returning.
This could make the price less interesting.
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thanks for the response 2011/1/4 23:38
thank you guys
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cameras 2011/1/5 04:23
Also note that many cameras don't have the same model name in Japan and in other countries so, if there is one in your country that you really like, you should carry a photo of it from a magazine.

I live in North America and, while we get Japanese cameras 6 months to 1 year after they come out in Japan, we get a better price here than if buying Japan (with the yen so strong)+ paying duty back home.
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. 2011/1/5 10:13
Like others said, depending on your country, cameras are cheaper to buy in Japan. I recently bought a dslr and it was $60 cheaper than the lowest online price in America. I checked out several cameras and they were all cheaper in Japan.

If you buy a camera in Japan, avoid Sony and Panasonic. They have Japanese-only menus.
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Japanese menus 2011/1/5 11:31
Im planning to buy panasonic gh2 dslr and used fuji klasse s point and shoot film camera, im hoping the dslr has a english menu and regarding the tax we can bring home 1 camera as long its for personal use only and not the high end digital camera
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Kakaku.com 2011/1/5 11:36
Upon checking kakaku.com the camera its cheaper in japan new and used camera thanks
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caution 2011/1/5 11:51
Panasonic cameras sold in Japan only come with Japanese language menus. You may be able to find an international model with english menus, however it will be at a significantly higher price than the domestic model.
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