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Anything bigger than size 154-162cm? 2011/1/1 03:49
I was really surprised when I visited Harajuku and Shibuya 109 yesterday. I intended to buy clothes for my 15yr old sister who isn't able to come to Japan with us. Almost all of the ladies clothes are either marked 154-162cm/M, S, M or F or even no size at all. Most of the M size clothes fit me lengthwise and are only a tad big widthwise (I'm only almost 13 & about 160cm), so I *think* those sizes most likely barely fit (or even too small) my elder sister who was 165cm and 55kgs 6 months ago. As she may have grown and may grow more, what venues/brands do you suggest for maybe 165-170cm and 55-60kgs? I guess 165cm and 55kgs is plus size in Japan for a 15yr old?

Thank you :)
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Sizes 2011/1/1 18:52
Zara, Benetton, H&M, Gap, Forever 21 and Uniqlo. I'm 175cm and long ago gave up on finding anything long enough in the legs and arms at Japan-based fashion retailers- all they seem to do usually is a small and a medium and if there is a large it will be for heights up to 165cm.
Japanese women come in a far greater range of sizes than retailers here seem to think they do- I hope one day they realize this!
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Thank you Sira :) 2011/1/1 23:18
I have been to the ubiquitous uniqlos. Scored several bright coloured jeans for under 1,000yen a pair and several microfleece jumpers for 900yen each.

At Uniqlo, the L, 27'', 28'', 67cm sizes (which are amongst the biggest sizes) are only about as big as UK ladies size 10 and UK girls size 15-16Y! However, I was excited to finally be able to find clothes that fit my sister. I was already thinking UK size 10 and 15-16y are plus sized.

I remember seeing Forever 21 at Ginza but haven't been inside because I presumed that shop targeted those over 21 who want to look 21 forever. Will look into that brand tomorrow. The H&M at Ginza was packed like sardines.

The 3 storey Gap in front of Harajuku station is overpriced (even at sale price).
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clothes 2011/1/2 11:26
Gap may be expensive (although I often pick up things like sweaters there for 2,000 yen or less, which I don't think is that expensive), but unless you are the size of the average Japanese person, this is just not a good country for clothes shopping I'm afraid, so there is little choice.

Forever 21 is just a name- I find they carry similar things to H&M, and they have a huge range which covers a lot of age groups and styles.

Expect crowds everywhere you shop for the next week or more- this is Tokyo, and it's the big sale season now, can't be avoided really.
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... 2011/1/3 17:40
Yes, UK size 10 is probably plus size in Japan. Isn't UK size 10 more or less a US 8?

I don't think 15-16y is plus though, but a little hard to find. Gap carries 14-15y (also labeled as 160) and I have seen dept stores carrying 14-15y and 16-17y but the length are made to fit Japanese youngsters.

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Sizes 2011/1/3 17:54
A UK 10 is a US 6. It's not plus size at all, it's just that she is taller than the average teenager here and probably a different build as well so shopping in girls' clothing shops is going to be difficult. At 15 I was 175cm tall and had long since been unable to shop in children's clothing shops in my home country, but that didn't mean I was plus size, in fact I was very thin.

It's basically the same situation for a 165cm girl in Japan- she wouldn't be able to buy clothes from girls' ranges any more.
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