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developing from analog films 2011/1/6 07:54

I'll be staying in Tokyo for three months and I'm planing to take photos using my analog camera,my question is: are there foto-shops in tokyo in wich I could develope these films? and where? Anyone knows?

thank you very much in advance! :)

by staramayka  

developing film 2011/1/6 10:32
Camera stores that develop film can be found throughout Japan, and you're bound to find various outlets around any major train station. Negative film takes from one hour to overnight depending on the shop, but slide film is usually sent out and can take up to a week to process. Where will you be staying in Tokyo?
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developing film, my location 2011/1/7 00:14
I'll be staying at 4-4-5 Shinkoiwa, Katsushika-ku.
If there are really a posibilities to develop films in train station's that would be wonderful!!! I would need only maybe developing and burning the photos on cd, if there is such possibility, or if not developing them and printing them.
I have an old OLYMPUS TRIP small camera, from 60's...
I suppose that wold'nt be too expensive...
Thank you for feedback!
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camera shops 2011/1/7 12:27
There seem to be a few camera shops around Shin Koiwa Station, but I'm unable to find what services are offered. Once you get there ask around at DK house and check out the camera shops or local supermarkets which sometimes have print shops in them. At the worst you're only a short train ride away from some of the biggest camera shops in the country which all offer developing and printing services.

Developing and printing a roll of 24 prints costs roughly 1500 yen. Scanning and burning to CD is typically an additional few hundred yen. You can usually develop, scan and burn to DVD for around 1000 yen per roll.
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. 2011/1/7 17:54

I can't imagine a photo shop (shashin-ya) that can't develop/print analog and I can't imagine a place where there is not photo shop within walking distance from the station.

Ask the owner of your accomodation or your nearest Koban police booth for locations. You can also have them DPE'd at some convenience stores. Look for the word "DPE."
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