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Womens Clothing 2011/1/6 21:09
Hi Guys,

I'm hoping you can provide me with some assistance. I have recently lost quite a bit of weight and have dropped two sizes.

This is great and all but problem is that I am travelling to Japan in 3 weeks and all my winter clothes/jackets/coats are now too large for me. It is currently the middle of summer in Australia and there are no winter clothes to be found for me to purchase. :(

I would love to purchase some better fitting jackets and coats from some trendy stores whilst I'm staying in Tokyo, however I'm rather paranoid that I won't fit into the Japanese sizes!

I'm currently a AUS size 6 in Jackets/Coats from which I understand is equivalent to a US 2 or 4. I'm 173 cm, but I'm only really interested in jackets and coats.

Do you think that I be able to find/fit anything in Tokyo with relative ease or am I better off trying to get all my current clothes altered back home?

All help is much appreciated :)
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help? 2011/1/12 08:04
just bumping this. I leave for Japan in 20 days and any help would be appreciated :)
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... 2011/1/12 09:15
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sodesune... 2011/1/12 15:06
um... we've been to Australia and sizes appeared to be one or two sizes larger there then US size. This may differ in brand clothing.
You're about 5'7'? I would concentrate more about length than size. Japanese are shorter in average.
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Ginza shops 2011/1/12 19:11
Hi! I'm from the US, live in Japan, and have visited Australia...so I think I can help you :). As far as I know, you're correct about a 6 being about the same as a US 2 or 4. This is what size I wear, and I do not have too much difficulty shopping for tops/coats in Japan (although I've found that it usually means I wear a medium in brands designed for the Japanese market!). However....I am 5'4'' and occasionally find that even tops or dresses will be a bit short for me, or the bustline will be in the wrong place. I think you would have success at a store like Uniqlo, Forever 21, H&M, or Zara. All of those stores other than Uniqlo carry what clothes with I would consider to be more of a US/European cut anyhow. And prices are quite reasonable (i think you'll find them shockingly cheap compared to Australia) so even if the items aren't a perfect fit, you should be able to find something cute and trendy that'll meet your needs for the trip. All four of these stores can be found very close to each other in Ginza. Come out exit A2 of Ginza station and you will see Uniqlo just ahead on your right; the other stores are further down the same road on the opposite side. Hope this helps!
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Thank you! 2011/1/13 07:27
Thank you very very much luv2shop, that is very helpful and certainly puts my mind at ease! I will be sure to visit that area of Ginza and have a look. :)

And thanks everyone for your responses, much appreciated!
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Winter jackets and coats 2011/3/11 21:36
These might help you
Leather jackets, leather coats. Thay are well fitted, confortable and affordable.
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