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Big sizes for big people 2011/1/7 00:27
I would like to ask for help please.
I`m a fat gaijin and I plan a trip to
Japan this year. I consider that the average
japanese is not too tall but slim.
To get in Japan the right size will be
maybe a problem.I`m about 182 cm(nearly 6 feet) and
140 kg or about 310 lb. with a japanese shoe
size 30 (US 12) so I`m fat.
I would like to buy something like kimono
(a simple one) or maybe a yukata but also
other clothing and may shoes.
So my question is if I cannot get such goods
in an average shop, is there a shop or specialist for fat ? I mean sumoka are also wearing something !
I will be for sure in Tokyo and Osaka
but would also like to get hints for other places.
Arigatou !
by tsune (guest)  

Does nobody know it ? 2011/1/12 05:52
Hello again to all !
Does nobody know it or was I just wrong ?
Is it easy to get such big size all around ?

I just would like to know if there is a
shop for extra size or a specialist who
offers clothing for bigger people.
If not so, Is there a good taylor who has experience with big sizes and if so, how much would it coast (average) ?
Thanks for all answers !

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dekkai? 2011/1/12 14:59
I think hotel can help find you place to shop for your size. Put your request to the concierge or at front desk upon arrival. umm...Looks like you need maybe 12 inches more in width for yukata.
Average yukatas are made fairly roomy, I've seen size LLW which means it's for a guy your height and a little wider in width than average yukata. No problem.
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zenmall 2011/1/12 15:23
google search for a store called zenmall.

zenmall is more famous for host and shibuya/urahara/visual kei clothing but they also have a big and tall selection - you can see it on their website but i'm not sure if they'll have the kind of clothing you're interested in.

there are also some big and tall shops (1 or 2) in ameyoko in ueno.
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dekkai,dekkai ! 2011/1/12 19:01
Thank you both for your answers and help.
I will ask at the hotel and also have a look
at zenmall. I`m not so much in modern style
but open minded and will have a look for something interesting, may it will
fit me.There seems to be something like B&T Club and may they offer some in Japanese classic style as well.
Thank you again !
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