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Daiso in Osaka? 2011/1/7 22:05
Is there any Daiso store (I am not asking for 100Yen Shop) in Osaka?
by gizemtin  

... 2011/1/7 23:47
Daiso is identical with 100 yen shop! There are dozens of them in Osaka. Here is a list:
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Not 100 Yen Daiso 2011/1/9 12:53
Well I am actually looking for the brand ''Daiso'' because I saw from the Internet that they sell really nice souvenirs but in low prices (not for 100 Yens!) For example I'd like to buy cheap but good looking handfan for my family and friends, but you cannot find these on 100 Yen shops.

Also when I checked the site that you offered it was all Japanese. I couldn't read it either :/ Are there any big ''Daiso'' brand stores in dowtntown of Osaka etc?
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... 2011/1/9 14:28
I have not heard of Daiso operating any other shops besides its 100 yen shops. Note that Daiso 100 yen shops typically feature some goods that cost more than 100 yen. The fans that you have seen are probably among them.
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........ 2011/1/9 16:18
well, why dont you just check the 100 yen store anyway? the 100 yen store at my station is great and better than the daiso on the other side.. but main daiso is always better than any 100 yen store i think. Because the main ones are 5 or so floors (or at least the one in harajuku is) so you can find a lot of things.

and this is the list of the main stores.


I guess they are the big ones like harajuku one. And the one near Osaka is the Tsukashin Store.


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. 2011/1/10 03:49
Probably the biggest one that would be easy to get to in Osaka is at JR Namba station. Here is a map with StreetView, although you can get there via the underground passage from Namba subway station:

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