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Deportation 2011/1/10 06:35
Can anyone please tell me is I am going to have any trouble entering Japan if I have been deported from the US? I am a NZ citizen and was deported for overstaying my visa.
by Max Rusinko (guest)  

. 2011/1/11 12:11
I don't think you'll have any problems entering Japan.
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deportation 2011/1/11 12:18
The two immigration systems are unrelated, so it is unlikely that you will be stopped for your previous overstay in the US.
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. 2011/1/12 13:27
No but it depends on how the deportation was carried out in the US.

For example overstaying your visa in America is a crime, were you charged and arrested?

Immigration forms in Japan will ask if you have been convicted of a crime before. If you answer "NO" then would you truthfully be answering the immigration forms?
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A mark 2011/1/12 19:35
Immigration officers commonly mark your passport (esp when using the same passport) when you are deported. It is a universal mark, recognized by all officers at entry checks points at ports/airports.

Can you enter Japan? Depends on the regulations at that time and the officer in charge and the visa processing officer.

Japan has a strong immigration policy against overstaying; visitors are advised to carry passports at all times in case of random checks.

To avoid uncertainty, can you renew your passport before applying for visa/entry?
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.... 2011/1/13 19:17
I agree with the others. It would really depend on the regulations at the time of entry, and the specific worker. When I came through immigration at Narita, the officer barely glanced at my passport. Also, if you have any outstanding warrants or charges against you, Japanese immigration can turn you away.
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