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Seating in Yokohama Arena? 2011/1/10 18:08

I know there's a lot of concert-related questions here already, hope you don't mind one more.

I am on exchange in Japan and have tickets to a concert in Yokohama arena. Travel is no problem, but I was wondering about seating?

According to the friend who bought it for me, my ticket is "arena standing" - which confused me, since I had heard of "arena" tickets and "stand" tickets, but never "arena standing." Does anyone know if it means center seating?

Also, I don't appear to have an assigned block (I've already been to the official website to check the floor plan), just a seat number - #197. Is the lack of an assigned block an indication of center seats, or is that just more wishful thinking from me? ^^

So sorry for troubling you, and thank you in advance for the help!
by RosaLui  

. 2011/1/11 02:01

Is it possible to post a photo of your ticket? Please refer to the answer I just posted (dated Jan 11th) on the following thread and see if that helps you.

By the way, as far as seating is concerned, "arena" in Japanese means the wide floor below the stage level.
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Thanks! 2011/1/11 02:09
Thank you for answering!

However, I unfortunately do not even have my ticket right now - it has been bought, but my friend is in the process of sending it to me.

Thank you for the information, though!
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