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Lost our Canon Camera in August 2009 2011/1/11 07:08

Hello everyone,

my friend lost our camera with all our holiday pictures on it at the Fushimi Inari Temple in KYOTO back in the Summer of 2009 . He left it on the little wall at the entrance pathway (where the market also is put up), someone must have found it early in the next morning .

Maybe we are lucky enough and this person will read my post some day still ?

It would be like winning the lottery ...

by Philipp (guest)  

. 2011/1/11 12:19

Rather than to hope for a winning lottery, I encourage you to contact the Fushimi Inari and ask if any cameras were taken to the lost and found around that day. While you're at it, you can ask which Police Department is in charge of the area and contact that Department to ask the same thing.
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... 2011/1/11 12:44
For future reference, for you or for your friend, should you lose anything (though it is preferable that it does not happen!), please contact the shrine (or any other location) or police station nearby "soon" after the incident. Articles reported to police stations are kept in custody there for several months, not beyond that.
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