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Exile Concert 2011/1/11 10:55

I'm interested to attend EXILE's concert this year, but just wondering who do I purchase the tickets? Do I have to be in the fanclub or something?
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... 2011/1/13 10:07
Typically for a group as popular as Exile, you need to be in the fan club and take part in the ticket lotteries.

There are tickets sold through general vendors but they sell out in a matter of minutes. The usually leaves auction prices which are marked up considerably.

Right now, there is no information to be had on their 2011 schedule as nothing has been released.
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... 2011/1/17 07:20
But does the lottery guarantee a ticket? And is the fanclub only for those living in japan?
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... 2011/1/17 14:44
The lottery does not guarantee tickets.

Fan club members (membership at least two months) are offered advance lottery-based sales so your chances of getting tickets are higher than general public but no, not all fans are able to secure tickets.

Club membership doesn't seem to require Japan residence but there's no apparent English site and the payment process for club dues (4200 yen) might be a challenge for someone outside Japan.
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Getting tickets in Japan 2011/1/18 23:59
I was a member of the group CHEMISTRY while I lived in Japan. They're not as big as EXILE but in terms of getting tickets I don't think it's that different.

You need a Japanese address to join the fan club. With Chemistry I received items in the mail like magazines and a membership card sent to my apartment there. I think a Japanese phone number was also required but I don't remember.

As for tickets, lottery based tickets were for TV appearances. When I went to the Chemistry concert they had a certain block of tickets fan club members could buy. The tickets were on sale for a set number of days before they went on sale to the public. the tickets were about 5000 yen at the time.

For other concerts I had to use a kiosks at convenience stores like Lawson. None of the machines are in English so you'll have to know a bit of Japanese to navigate through them. I think from Lawson's ticket website you can purchase tickets online then print them out when you arrive in Japan but I don't remember for sure. You'd still have to know enough Japanese to get the tickets printed. But like it's been mentioned, EXILE has more popular now so unless you're getting the tickets when they go on sale right away it may be tricky to get them. Keep an eye on their website to find out when and where they will be touring.
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... 2011/1/23 07:35
I was looking at the Lawson's website and tried to understand as much as possible, do I have to sign up for an account with them before purchasing the ticket?

Also, does a japanese address and contact number required for registration? Are there any other resources to purchase tickets like auctions or something?
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