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Question about Japanese sizing? 2011/1/13 13:59
I'm having a few questions though if someone could help me or answer them ?
Would I be able to wear Japanese Clothing?
height -5'3
also im a size 8 in pants
and a medium sometimes large in shirts.
also would I be able to wear a free size t-shirts?
like one size fits all

Thanks guys ^.^

Also if you could please help me and answer my questions thank you
by Breanna (guest)  

yes desuyo 2011/1/13 16:15
Yes you can. I have an aunt about your height and size.
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Not everywhere 2011/1/16 02:02
Like you, before I left for Japan, I was worried about being hard to fit for Japanese clothes because I heard that Japanese people are very petite. Fortunately, the clothes were bigger than my expectations.

I'm almost middle aged (34), 5'5'' and weigh 55kgs (around 120 or so pounds). To my surprise, I noticed that I'm actually slightly slimmer than the average Japanese woman of my height and age. So... I'm just saying that you are not too far from average.

Free size trousers at harajuku- probably not, free size tops at Harajuku- most likely if you choose the loose styles. I don't know whether you are young or not, but if you are young and looking for trendy styles, then your size might be a little harder to find. If you are shopping middle-aged styles and dept stores, clothes tend to be more forgiving.
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I'm the owner of this question 2011/1/16 03:01
I'm the one who asked this question and for more info:

I'm young and was thinking of ordering online like from asia jam and a few wholesale sites.
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ask customer service 2011/1/18 03:10
I would check the item's actual size (dimensions, measurements of garment) before ordering. You can't really order by size, it may wind up too big, too snug or too small.
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where are you from? 2011/1/18 09:12
You really need to say which country's sizing you are talking about- an 8 in the UK for example is much smaller than an 8 in the US, and mediums in Japan are often a lot smaller than those in other countries.

Also since Japan uses the metric system, maybe you could do the conversions and post the measurements in cm/kg for people who aren't familiar with inches and pound measurements?
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@ Sira 2011/1/18 09:16
I'm a size 8 American size since i live in a America.
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