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cheap film negatives for film camera 2011/1/18 18:48
Hello Its my first time will visit Japan this comming feb. , I use film camera, where I can find a good bargain or the cheapest store selling film negatives expired or new ( 135, 120and 4x5) ill visiting tokyo, osaka and kyoto thank you
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Re: cheap film negatives for film camera 2011/1/19 04:39
I would be interested in getting an answer too, I went back to film (35mm and 120) after using a DSLR for several years and plan on stocking up on film prior to coming to Japan but would love to have some addresses to stock up on some Fuji Acros in case of running out. I have seen a lot of several second hand photo shops around Tokyo (Ginza and Shinjuku) and Osaka and wonder if they carry film as well.

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yodobashi 2011/1/20 01:13
yodobashi sells a brand called dcp centuria, iso200 35mm color neg film, if i remember right it is about 1000-1300yen for 10 rolls - but i think they might be 24frame rolls

either way, good bargain, i develop them by myself. they produce retro looking colors unless you take the photos on a newer slr/lens system i.e. nikon f90/f5 with ai lenses or better, but i love the results.

it is not high resolution like velvia though.

no cheap 4x5 film anywhere anymore - consider ordering 4x5 x-ray film from medical suppliers or buy the cheap black and white stuff off ebay from china, it ain't too bad. 4x5 film is expensive in tokyo.
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mistake 2011/1/20 01:13
DNP Centuria not dcp
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Where do you get C41 kit 2011/1/20 01:44
Thank you for your response DNP Centuria is fine for me is the C41 is available at the yodabashi? or where I can get cheap C41 kit and can another thing its allowed to hand carry it in the plane or check in.
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c41 2011/1/22 01:33
are you talking about c41 developing chemicals?

yodobashi akihabara has all of them, they're on the same floor as the film, just wander around until you start seeing bottles full of liquid and packages of powder and stuff..

or ask one of the staff for "firum genzou yakuhin"

the kit you want is one of the naniwa color kits - there are 2 versions. 1 is for developing printer paper, the other is for developing film.

the printer paper one has developer which is approximately double the strength of the film developer, so you can just dilute it in 2x the amount of water the instructions call for.

btw the boxes come with english instructions if you can't read japanese. but take your time don't mix them until you understand what you're doing first, or you'll wreck one of your chemicals and will have to buy a neww kit.

you will not be allowed to take the kit on an airplane in carry on luggage; there are liquids. you can probably put some bags of developing powder and maybe even a developing kit in check in luggage though.

hope this helps.
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a 2011/1/22 01:36
just be aware c41 chemicals expire quickly, the official expiry time after you mix the chemicals together is about 2 weeks; reality takes much longer but it's unpredictable and basically completely dependent on how you store your chemicals.

personally i would recommend just developing at a lab/at yodobashi unless you have a lot of film. developing c41 must be done at exact temperature so it's not exactly easy to do (but not that hard either, you'll have to do it in your bathtub or something)
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c41 2011/1/22 17:04
Thank you for the information about the C41, I didnt know that I can use the naniwa for color paper for c41 color film, have you tried it or the developing time is almost the same as c41 kit and how about the quality thank you

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