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How to become an j-dorama director 2011/1/20 17:58
Hello everybody. I'd like to ask you how can I become an dorama director? I mean, is it either possible for a foreigner to become a director in Japan?
I like j-dramas and movies but I'm not a fan or something like that. Most of west tv-series (movies)are based on sex theme and sometimes reminds some kinds of light porn. And as I see, there absolutely different sitution in Asia. Japanese kinda avoid sex scenes. Am I wrong? That's first reason I'd like to work in Japan. The second reason is that I really love it's culture and traditions. And most of my scenarios (scripts) are closer to asian mentality. So, working in Japan is kinda my dream.))
I wish I could make a films in the future but the moviemaking is requires a lot of experience. I know that moviemaking is not only an art but also a business; and sometimes the talent is not enough.
Also, can you tell me about how much money does it cost to make a j-dorama? Are Plays popular in Japan?
I've made some plays(piece) in the past, which were quite popular. I'm graduating from university next year.(I'm 21).
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demand 2011/1/21 12:32
Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think most japanese dramas are produced by companies controlled by other companies, who tell them "we need a drama using Johnny's boy A, idol girl B, and comedian C, write one" and then a story is created around the celebrities who they want to promote at the time. There are also novel/manga adaptations. I don't think there's a lot of demand for or opportunity to pitch original scriptwriting in Japan, and as a foreigner without native Japanese skills it would probably be hard to get hired by one of the writing houses.

Movies are a bit more independent with regards to freedom for the writer/director I think.
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doramas 2011/1/21 13:16
I agree with the post above, maybe TV shows in the west are sometimes guilty of adding more extraneous scenes of titillation for the ratings but I would argue that in general the standard of production of UK and US is far superior to Japan in every field; scriptwriting, acting, directing. This is why TV shows from the west find a huge following over here and not visa versa. It is a sad industry because Japan has a fantastic film making heritage with Ozu and Kurosawa etc. However something has gone wrong, at a time when US and UK are really stepping up their game with superb quality TV (I'm talking... The Wire, Downtown Abbey, 24, Damages, Walking Dead, BBC wildlife shows etc) Japan is just churning out these bland pop singer "vehicles" (as described by the post above), with wooden acting (well they are either singers or comedians so I cant blame them) and repetitive plots that are essentially just extended commercials to accompany that talents' new endorsement advertising campaign.
My advice would be to stay well clear of "doramas" unless you intend to shake up the industry with some astounding talent and a new approach.
In which case good luck to you. What is wrong with a bit of sex though? if it is integral to the story and not gratuitous I don't see the problem, sex is a part of life so it should not be "avoided" in films or TV shows aimed at grown-ups. japan is the second largest consumer of pornography in the world (after the US) so there is nothing saintly or pure about this audience.
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. 2011/1/21 18:59

This is the first time I'm seeing someone overseas suggesting that Japanese drama avoid sex scenes. I do notice that the American TV shows are being sex-oriented than ever, but still, Japanese shows have lots of semi-nudity and love scenes in them. Of course, the ones aimed for low-teens and younger do not, though, and I find that it's the same all over the world.

As for script-writing, there are script-writing auditions (Competitions, maybe. Whatever you call it) where amateur script-writers can send their (Japanese) script to the organizer and the winner gets to have their script being made into a TV drama. The competition is very tough, but sometimes the winner may be led to a real career.

The easiest way to get your script performed is probably to organize a theater stage group of your own. These groups are hardly financed and lots of popular theater people still struggle to make a living. But they do it because they love it.

Being a "director" is a totally different job. I can't recall a foreign director doing TV shows unless (s)he grew up in Japan. You need to know the whole culture to make something appeal to the TV-viewers (and sponsers) and you need to be able to communicate with the many people in the set.

On the other hand, there is a job called "AD" which is short for assistant director. This job is nothing like a director. The person runs errands after errands doing the crummiest jobs in the set, but it's a lot easier to become an AD, because it's such a tough job that a lot of people don't last.
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.. 2011/1/22 03:37
Thank you, guys. Well, I'm feeling I was too naive))

I know that young actors like Johnny's kinda sucks at acting. But I think they just need a good acting school.

Uco, I was thinking about organizing a theater stage group too, and I have somebody to finance it.

gilesdesign, yeah, UK and USA tv-shows are most popular in the world. They have a great acting technique. I love most of them too. And I don't mind of 'a bit of sex' (sometimes it's really necessary) but when the all intreage is "Who's slept with who" thats kinda annoys. But audience likes it. Of caurse, I'm not talking about all tv-shows)))
By the way, I think I should listen to your opinion.

Tell the truth, I was offered work in theatre when I was in high school, but they wanted me to be an actress because I'm quite good looking. I was too young and stupid enough to decline the offer. Back then, I thought I can find something better. Later 'something better' proved to be a law school. Now, 5 years after, I think I made a big mistake.
Well, I guess I should grow up (lol) and try out my skills here in Europe first.

I really thank you for answering, guys)
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