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Sake book - Which one? 2011/1/23 02:13
Looking to buy a book from which I can learn more about sake before our coming trip to Japan. Anyone have any suggestions as to which is a better one--The Sake Handbook by John Gauntner or The Insider's Guide to Sake by Philip Harper.
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ara... 2011/1/24 15:27
um...don't know.
Sake cannot be graded like wine so I don't know which book is better knowledgeable for anyone to determine which sake is best.
One of the best place to sample sake is in Gero or was it in Takayama? They had whole bunch of different brand sake to sample. I think it was in Takayama in this ancient Japanese style building.
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just trust on your sense of taste 2011/1/24 16:59
Hon-Jouzou(-Syu)i{j ... not expensive
Junmai(-Syu)iĎj... expensive
Ginjou(-Syu)ij... more expensive
Dai-Ginjou(-Syu)ij... most expensive

Hon-Jouzou-Syu contains artificial alcohol so you can't enjoy pure sake taste from it.

Some Dai-Ginjou-Syu taste like sweet wine, and it might be too sweet to drink when you eat Japanese foods.
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