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Old address in Japan 2011/1/25 06:31
I found a letter written to my mother from a relative in Japan, mailed in 1975. It doesn't have a postal code. Can anyone help?

xxx-x Kumihana-Cho, Okumaji
Kumano-Jun, Kyoto-Fu, Japan

That's the best I can make out the handwriting. Thank you!
by Tinoose  

... 2011/1/25 10:02
"Kumihama-cho, Kumano-gun" of Kyoto-fu has become part of Kyotango-shi (Kyotango City) as of 2004 (due to city merger).

So now the newly assigned address (to the same location) with the postal code would be:

XXX-X Kumihama-cho Okumaji,
Kyotango-shi, Kyoto-fu
629-3414 Japan
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perhaps 2011/1/25 10:05
I am not very familiar with Kyoto,



The post office in Japan is pretty good - sending to an old address is likely to still get there - provided the building still exists.
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... 2011/1/25 10:06
The current correct address is:
xxx-x Okumaji, Kumihama-cho
Kyotango-shi, Kyoto-fu, 629-3414
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. 2011/1/25 11:16
The post office will deliver mail without the postal code. I get mail from my credit card company from the US even though it's missing the city, prefecture, postal code, and building name.
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... 2011/1/25 11:29
But I am sure it will help somebody along the way if you make the effort to figure out the postal code.
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Thank you so much! 2011/1/25 14:26
Thank for all your help-- it's a start, and I hope to be able to locate some of my mom's relatives who might still be living. It's rather difficult because it's been so long, and she has dementia and doesn't remember much AND she's reverted back to speaking Japanese only, and we were never taught. We do know some, obviously, but not enough to carry a conversation with her.
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. 2011/1/25 17:49
Having the postal code is a lot better because the postal code contains the city name, prefecture, area name encoded into it. So even if someone wrote the address in a completely foreign language, the Post Code helps alot in determining where it needs to go.

The other items would be the street/house/block/apt numbers
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... 2011/1/25 18:32
does your mom remember you?

sounds tough. how are you handling her day to day? translator?

even if you find the relatives, they probably dont speak english either, especially at old age...

but good luck.
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