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Finding old relatives 2011/1/25 14:34
What's the best way to locate relatives in Japan? The only information I have so far is a name on a letter dated in 1975 along with an address. Thanks for your help!
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address 2011/1/25 15:16
You mention on your other thread that the letter was from a relative, so my first step would be to write a letter to them and hope that someone is still living at that address. Obviously, you would need to write the letter in Japanese so you may need to find someone to help translate for you, or maybe people in the language forum may be able to help you out. If you're lucky you'll find a relative that can point you toward the rest of your family.

Another possible avenue is to see if your mother can recall what city her family is registered in in Japan. That way you may be able to request a copy of her family register from the city which might give you some leads toward tracking down other family members.
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address 2011/1/25 15:23
By the way, I think it might be useful to link to the OP's other thread that lists the address. It can be found here:
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. 2011/1/26 14:04

If you can't contact your relatives, another option is to contact the city hall in charge of the area your relatives use live and explain the situation to them. You can try emailing, but often it's better to phone or show up in person with an ID so that they'd know you're real. If that doesn't work, you can try contacting major newspapers in Japan to see if they'd be interested in your story.
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Yes you can. Personal Records 2011/2/1 13:13
Dear Mr/Miss The best and quicly way is you just write for the City hall where you suposed they lived /are.?
in less then 5 minuts they give to you the records that ll inform where they are in japan. but you must need supply prove of ID and Phone number you need send it for them in City hall by Post they ll check if you are who you said..hope you get sucess
dont worry if they are in japan or moving on you ll know. But first foremostyou need informe then about you. if you have some friend in japan they can act on your behalf. but must need bring copy of your add certified by the Consulate japanese where you live .. contact them direct they ll tell you for wich city and council you can send a letter.
god Bless you
hope success
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