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where i can find selvage denim fabric ? 2011/1/25 18:19
hello, where can I buy Selvage denim fabric, I just bought about 9-12 yards.
by irfandi (guest)  

Since no one seems to be reponding 2011/1/29 15:40

You just bought them and you don't know where they're sold? Have you asked Yuzawaya?
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to uco 2011/1/29 18:04
sorry for my really bad english, i mean i just want to buy 9-12 yards.

i will stay in osaka anyway
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I am also interested in this answer 2011/2/8 18:52

I have got the same question? I've heard that the denim from the region of Osaka is a very good, or so i've heard, the best qualitiy.

Can someone contact me who is in this business or give me names of companies who are selling the fabrics.

I am also interested in selvedge chambray.

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Wesley Vreede
The Netherlands
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