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Money Changer 2011/1/26 00:24

I've heard people saying that it's hard to find a money changer outlet in Japan. Is this true?

Thanks for response.
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. 2011/1/26 11:05
What kind of money change?
Between foreign currency and Japanese Yen?
Or beetween bank notes and coins of Japanese Yen?
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... 2011/1/26 12:42
In Japan it's the banks (major banks) and post offices that do money exchange, as well as some money changer outlets in airports. Also there are some Travelex outlets in some locations in Tokyo.

Compared with what I remember seeing in Europe, for example, with "Money Exchange" signs here and there in town, there is less, I must say. But if you know where to look, you'll find them.
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no money exchange hole in wall 2011/1/26 12:57
Japan is highly regulated and doesn't have those hole-in-wall or money exchange vendors/kiosks on the street as you see in many tourist places in other countries. Only banks, post office and at airport or ship port and you need the passport to do transactions.
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$$$ 2011/1/26 13:33
If you are talking about currency exchange, it's easy in Japan.
Upon arrival, you can exchange it at the airport or at your hotel cashier (which will cost little more in the hotel) and if you feel like going to local post office later you can exchange there as others mentioned. Also currency exchange booths are all over in Japan in most big cities; such as in department stores etc. If you already don't have yen with you when you arrive, you should exchange what you need at the airport (for subways and local buses.) Taxis, train and limousine bus fares you can purchase with your credit cards if your credit cards are preconditioned to be accepted in foreign countries.
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