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Good bars in Shinjuku 2011/1/28 11:39

Can someone recommend good bars in the Shinjuku area? Tq
by Alex (guest)  

here 2011/1/28 17:46
gaspanic, shibuya.

you'll love it there;)
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Thank you 2011/1/31 13:54
Thank you br for your suggestion. I watched it on Youtube and it seems there are a few Gas Panic outets in Tokyo. Roppongi as well. Anyway, is there any entrance fee? How much they charge for drinks? I am a whisky drinker.
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Seriously? 2011/1/31 21:26
are you looking to dance and party? or something classy.

If it's the latter, absolutely do not go to gas panic.

Go to the new york bar, 52nd floor of the park hyatt in Shinjuku. As a whiskey drinker,you won't be disappointed.
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:D 2011/2/4 16:44
Go to the Golden Gai (Golden district) near Kabuki Cho. A lot of bars to choose from... Not the classy kind....but interesting ones.. with nice friendly people....and interesting sights..like cross-dressers! Good stuff.
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