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mixi question 2011/1/28 22:03
My in-box is full of Mixi messages notifying me whenever someone posts a new topic or comment.
I'd like to turn this off somehow but can't seem to find the setting. Could anyone help?
Also, how to unsubscribe from Mixi altogether?
by alex (guest)  

. 2011/1/30 09:04
e-mail setting
community news off コミュニティニュース[受け取らない]

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thanks! 2011/1/30 10:45
thanks by. !

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a question 2011/1/30 11:29
A Japanese friend sent me an invitation to Mixi, but I'm wondering if I can become a member of it since I'm a foreigner (I don't own a Japanese cell phone)? Thank you for your answer. :)
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from PC ok 2011/1/30 22:48
Dear enchantress,
You don't need a cell-phone to be a member of mixi, as long as you have an email account. If you read Japanese it can be interesting to be a member of the community, but it can be tricky if you don't.
Good Luck anyway!
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really? 2011/1/31 04:31
I tried to register to mixi a few months ago, and I needed to confirm my inscription by using a mobile phone mail adress, so I couldn't complete it...
Has it changed since?
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to tatum 2011/1/31 05:33
dear tatum

i don't think the above poster knows what he's talking about. as of now, you do need a japanese cell phone (with valid cell phone email address) in order to complete your registration.

before 2008, you needed an invite from a friend who was already on mixi, and a regular valid email address (hotmail etc.), but in 2008, a cell phone address became necessary to register. then in 2010, you didn't need an invite any longer, but the cell phone address thingy still remained.

there is this guy on youtube, i forget his name, who claims that you can get into mixi if you have or create an .edu address. i haven't tried this so i don't know if this really works.
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thanks 2011/1/31 05:51
Thanks guest,
that's what I thought, so I'll have to wait until I go back to japan to register...
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sorry, I was wrong! 2011/1/31 10:49
Apologies to all!! I joined mixi a couple of years ago when just a PC email was fine. Thanks for pointing that out!

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to tatum and alex 2011/1/31 18:08

yeah, too bad huh...

by the way, please also remember that apart from a valid cell phone email address, you also have to be able to connect to the internet on your mobile phone, otherwise you can't confirm your email address. i knew someone in japan who had one of those temporary cell phones, and he did have a valid email address, but he didn't have internet on his phone, so he couldn't confirm his address. the shop clerk where he got his phone had somehow activated internet on his phone just so he could get an email address, but had then deactivated it immediately afterwards. letting you know just in case.

oh, and i found the video on youtube i was talking about earlier:

(again, i don't know if this actually works)

to alex
i see. i've been a member before 2008, so we're in the same boat. but i like to know about mixi's policy changes, out of interest.
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, 2011/1/31 21:38
yeah, that's what they usually do with pre-paid phones, they can only have e-mails and no other access to the internet...

i am now trying to find a way to have internet next time...
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